Cherished Memories

I was thinking about many  cherished memories from my 8 years of grade school.  First, my first Confession and how I went to my parents to ask forgiveness for my past week’s failings. Then, my first Holy Communion with my beautiful dress, veil, white shoes & anklets.  My cousin & I visited all Catholic Churches in New Kensington (3) & Tarentum (3) to say a prayer & of course we felt so beautiful & special. After all, we were cleansed of our sins and had accepted Jesus into our heart and body!  I stayed dressed all day…… I still have my dress, veil, prayer book & cards I received.  Confirmation by the Bishop with my Aunt Evelyn as my sponsor was likewise memorable.   May crowning & Easter processions were always so joyous, prayerful and well attended.  I miss those days of expressing my faith!  
Loretta Planavsky

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